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Take a hike

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Nowadays, almost any information is within our reach in a blink of an eye, at all times, and in abundance. We have to schedule our minds to rest, have some time in isolation, free from the information greediness on the loose. While we can take certain actions to disconnect on a regular, daily or weekly basis, everybody could use a major reset every once in a while.

I’ve had mine 2 weeks ago: hiking and camping in the southern part of Velebit, which belongs to Paklenica, a national park in Croatia. We spent 4 days climbing (including the highest peak, Vaganski vrh, at 1757m), walking from morning till dusk, sleeping in tents, making fire to cook food and warm ourselves after tiring whole-day hikes.

Malo Rujno at dusk

Reasons I love hiking and spending time in mountains:

(A little note on the disconnection part: the signal coverage is actually pretty good on Croatian mountains, so I had to turn the flight mode on – there’s just something out of place in receiving an SMS from your city friend inviting you to theatre while you’re looking for a “number two” hiding spot.)

Veliko Rujno

Mountains are amazing. Instead of reading this, you should be planning your next hiking trip.

Vilin kuk

More photos from this trip in my set on Flickr.