Ivana Vasilj

My Echoes On The Web

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Recently I created a page here called Echoes that aggregates my social activity from various sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Delicious bookmarks and more. Because this site is static, I needed a service that can:

  1. Grab the feeds from multiple sources,
  2. Aggregate, transform and filter content so the end result only contains recent activity,
  3. Output the result as JSON-P so I can pull it into my site with JavaScript.

Yahoo Pipes is a service that can perform all of the above and, because of its graphical interface of connecting balloons with pipes, it’s also tons of fun to play with for days.

My Echoes pipe is public, so feel free to view the source or clone it. You can also view the JavaScript code that fetches the pipe output and merges it with the markup of the Echoes page.